Auto Enrolment


A low cost transparent scheme

The Incartus Pension Scheme offers a low cost transparent scheme for employers and employees. The scheme will offer a forecasted 8% return on investments.

Auto Pension Enrolment

Incartus Investments Master Pension Scheme

AFM Administrators Limited has now established the Incartus Investments Master Pension Scheme, which can be used by any employer in the UK to satisfy its obligations under auto-enrolment. In accordance with new pension legislation, all employers will have to provide their eligible employees with a company pension scheme. Employers must automatically enrol their eligible employees into a pension scheme under which they and the employee must make minimum contributions depending upon the salary of the employee.

The Employer

The Employer

For the employer we can provide you with a simple tailored solution whether you have a large or small workforce. We provide a personal service which will address your requirements. We will ensure that you fully meet your auto enrolment obligations and your reporting commitments to the Pensions Regulator.

The Employee

The employee

For the employee we provide a scheme with an easy to understand investment portfolio which give you a stress free plan for your retirement. You will know exactly where your money is. You will receive statements on an annual basis or upon request free of charge. We have dedicated staff who will be able to answer any queries you may have.

Please feel free to contact AFM Administrators on 01233 754 066, via email at or use our contact page.