Pension Scheme

Incartus Investments Pension Scheme

Pension Scheme

The Incartus Investments Pension Scheme is HMRC-approved for tax relief and adheres to the Pension Regulator’s rules. The scheme-appointed auditors are AGP Chartered Accountants Ltd.

Your pension fund returns grow tax-free, which aims to provide an efficient way of saving for retirement.

You can transfer the pension at any stage before you retire. If you die, the fund can normally be paid as a lump sum to your nominated beneficiaries.

You can convert the plan to a pension on or after your planned retirement date; however, you cannot do so before age 55 or beyond age 75.

In accordance with HMRC rules, you cannot access any of your pension funds prior to the age of 55.

The value of your pension fund at retirement depends on the following:

The amount transferred in
The length of time in the scheme
The level of charges
The investment performance


You are generally eligible to participate in The Incartus Investments Pension Scheme if:

You are under the age of 60
You are a UK resident
You are transferring a minimum of £5,000 GBP
You are transferring your pension funds from a UK-registered pensions scheme

Data Protection Act

The scheme trustees and administrators are compliant with The Data Protection Act and have separate data protection registration numbers. Registration Reference A1031461, A1031461.


As with any investment, the value of your plan can go up as well as down and growth cannot be guaranteed. The scheme is HMRC-registered; however, the investment fund is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

NOTE: Funds cannot be withdrawn before the age of 55 in accordance with the statutory requirements. The ‘Incartus Investments Pension Scheme’

Incartus Investments Pension Scheme 1 HMRC PSTR No. 00804595RT Pension Regulator 12008382
Incartus Investments Pension Scheme 2 HMRC PSTR No. 00811508RR Pension Regulator 12009347
Incartus Investments Pension Scheme 3 HMRC PSTR No. 00811510RZ Pension Regulator 12009353
Incartus Investments Pension Scheme 4 HMRC PSTR No. 00812109RK Pension Regulator 12009355
Incartus Investments Pension Scheme 5 HMRC PSTR No. 00812110RK Pension Regulator 12009356


The scheme charges a 0.75% per annum fee for administration of the pension. The rest of your pension fund will be fully allocated into the investment vehicle. All charges within the investment vehicle, as documented within this website and within our Investor Memorandum, are covered by the solicitors and therefore not borne by our clients.

For example:

You transfer your pension to the Incartus Investments Pension Scheme at a value of £5,000 GBP. The scheme administrator will deduct £37.50 and allocate £4,962.50 to Incartus Investments Ltd.

A yearly administration charge of 0.75% will be deducted from your pension fund.

Scheme Documents

The complete set of executed documents for the Incartus Investments Pension Scheme is available here.

Compliance and Auditing

A strict and transparent compliance regime is in place to protect the interests of investors at all times and to mitigate risk. There is a strong operational control within, focusing on compliance and reporting functions. Process is highly geared towards vetting of all elements of the funding from start to finish. This includes periodic audits and due diligence conducted by:

AGP Chartered Accountants

The ‘Incartus Investments Pension Scheme’ reserves the right to invest monies in deposit accounts or fixed interest accounts where necessary or to hold a reserve account for the pension scheme. Future alternative investments may also be made at the discretion of the trustees.


AFM Administrators LTD
18 Canterbury Road


Bluefin Trustees Ltd
18 Canterbury Road


Nornman Shanon & Co
3-5 Union Street

3-4 Donegall Quay


AGP Chartered Accountants
Sycamore House
Sutton Quays Business Park
Sutton Weaver


STP Advisors Ltd
Terrace Hill House

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